Scrambling Our Children’s Brains with Electricity – The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 12/18/19

In this new video, Dr. Peter Breggin and I discuss with Dr. Ken Castleman, the frightening new Monarch eTNS electric brain device being prescribed for use all night long on children diagnosed with ADHD. Ken is a Biomedical Engineer who taught at Cal-Tech and has served on NASA’s space shuttle program. He is very concerned about the effects of the Monarch’s sustained electric current on the vulnerable, developing brains of children. At one point, Ken said, “I know how electricity works, and what it does to human tissue.” I believe he does.



Michael Cornwall talks on compassionately helping people in extreme states

This talk was given at the recent R.D. Laing symposium at Asilomar. I shared my personal story of an encounter with extreme states, and talked about how compassionate loving support can bring hope and healing in even the most difficult experiences.