Mad in America: The Dramatic Results of John Weir Perry’s Diabasis House Program

My new article is about the revolutionary work of John Weir Perry, the leading Jungian in the area of compassionate treatment of extreme states. I completed the follow-up research on his Diabasis House. It was a medication-free program for young adults going through extreme states/psychosis. We were close friends and colleagues for many years, until John’s death in 1998.

John Weir Perry

Mad in America: Eyewitness to Psychiatry Functioning as a Conspiracy Theory-Based Cult

My new article shows how psychiatrists serve as followers of a powerful and harmful cultic apparatus based on unproven and dehumanizing conspiracy theories about the causation of human emotional suffering.

Michael Cornwall Ph.D.

Scrambling Our Children’s Brains with Electricity – The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 12/18/19

In this new video, Dr. Peter Breggin and I discuss with Dr. Ken Castleman, the frightening new Monarch eTNS electric brain device being prescribed for use all night long on children diagnosed with ADHD. Ken is a Biomedical Engineer who taught at Cal-Tech and has served on NASA’s space shuttle program. He is very concerned about the effects of the Monarch’s sustained electric current on the vulnerable, developing brains of children. At one point, Ken said, “I know how electricity works, and what it does to human tissue.” I believe he does.



Mad in America: Peter Breggin and Michael Cornwall – Stop the Psychiatric Abuse of Children

In this new MIA Radio podcast and interview, Peter Breggin and I are interviewed by Miranda Spencer about the psychiatric abuse of children, who are being harmed by psychiatric drugs, labels/diagnoses, ECT, and by the new FDA-approved electrical brain device that is placed on the foreheads of children all night long, who are diagnosed with ADHD – the Monarch eTNS. We offer suggestions for compassionate, trauma-informed, humanistic alternatives to relieve the emotional distress of children and teens. We also discuss the initiative we recently launched called SPAC! (Stop the Psychiatric Abuse of Children), a grassroots human rights project.



New video about ways to compassionately be present with someone in emotional pain

In this video introduced by good friend Will Hall, I share about being with people in extreme states for over 25,000 hours since 1980. There’s a brief experiential exercise at the end you could try, that helps caregivers be more compassionately present with people in extreme states and other emotional pain. The video is from the recent RD Laing gathering at Esalen Institute.


Mad in America: Monarch eTNS Inspires “Stop the Psychiatric Abuse of Children!” (SPAC!)

Hi All,

I co-authored this brief article with good friend Dr. Peter Breggin, about the new international advocacy project we’re starting called “Stop the Psychiatric Abuse of Children” (SPAC!). Please join us in spreading the alert about the new children’s Monarch eTNS electrical brain device approved by the FDA, and in opposing all the psychiatric harm done to children that we document in our article.

Thank you!

Michael Cornwall, PhD

Director – SPAC!

Stop Psychiatric Abuse of Children (SPAC) Launches Tomorrow

Hi All,

I’ll be serving as director for a new activism project called “Stop the Psychiatric Abuse of Children” or SPAC, as described in Peter Breggin’s article at Mad in America.

Peter and I will be publicly launching the SPAC project on his Progressive Radio Network (PRN.FM) program on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, at 4:00 PM EST. Please join us on the air with your calls (888-874-4888).

Thank you.




Mad in America: FDA Approves Using Electricity All Night Long on Children’s Brains

Hi All,

Here’s my article about the newly FDA-approved Orwellian electric brain device for so-called ADHD, that’s kept stuck on children’s foreheads all night while they sleep. It has side effects of headache, fatigue, teeth clenching, and sleep problems.

Please speak out against this psychiatric human rights abuse being done to minor children who can’t say no to it happening to them.




The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 05.15.19

Hi All,

Here’s my intense discussion from yesterday with friend Peter Breggin, about the frightening new at-home medical device for treating so-called ADHD, that sends electricity directly into children’s brains while they sleep. Peter said, “I conclude that we will be conducting ‘mini-lobotomies’ on epidemic proportions on our children under the cover of Psychiatry.” Please listen to this no-holds barred conversation where we raise the alarm about this horrible, human rights abuse of children that now has the approval of the FDA and the APA/Psychiatry.