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  1. I was eleven years old when medication was forced on me via injections. My crime? I was was a nervous girl. There was much abuse in our house. I couldn’t sleep and cried a lot, especially after I saw my grandmother choked to near unconsciousness. I was 7 at the time. I was placed in foster care. My childhood was robbed from me. I forgive my family but find it difficult to be around them. I don’t believe in mental illness. I think if I would have been treasured as a daughter,I would have had a lovely childhood. Today,I have a wonderful husband and three grown sons. My past haunts me at times. I have a good life now. I still have trouble sleeping sometimes, and it’s difficult to keep my GP from trying to get me on antidepressants. He believes in the stuff. I don’t. I have my faith and that’s all I ever needed. Silvana

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