Mad in America: Monarch eTNS Inspires “Stop the Psychiatric Abuse of Children!” (SPAC!)

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I co-authored this brief article with good friend Dr. Peter Breggin, about the new international advocacy project we’re starting called “Stop the Psychiatric Abuse of Children” (SPAC!). Please join us in spreading the alert about the new children’s Monarch eTNS electrical brain device approved by the FDA, and in opposing all the psychiatric harm done to children that we document in our article.

Thank you!

Michael Cornwall, PhD

Director – SPAC!

Mad in America: FDA Approves Using Electricity All Night Long on Children’s Brains

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Here’s my article about the newly FDA-approved Orwellian electric brain device for so-called ADHD, that’s kept stuck on children’s foreheads all night while they sleep. It has side effects of headache, fatigue, teeth clenching, and sleep problems.

Please speak out against this psychiatric human rights abuse being done to minor children who can’t say no to it happening to them.




The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 05.15.19

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Here’s my intense discussion from yesterday with friend Peter Breggin, about the frightening new at-home medical device for treating so-called ADHD, that sends electricity directly into children’s brains while they sleep. Peter said, “I conclude that we will be conducting ‘mini-lobotomies’ on epidemic proportions on our children under the cover of Psychiatry.” Please listen to this no-holds barred conversation where we raise the alarm about this horrible, human rights abuse of children that now has the approval of the FDA and the APA/Psychiatry.


Mad in America: Why Parents Give Amphetamines and Other Risky Psychiatric Drugs to the Children They Love

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My new article here explores the often taboo topic of
why parents may give potentially harmful psych meds to their children.
I’ll be discussing it with Dr. Peter Breggin on his radio program this Wednesday at 4 pm EST at
Please join us!
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