The Dr. Peter Breggin Radio Hour – 6/28/2017

Hi All,

Peter and I had a wonderful, free-wheeling discussion on June 28, 2017, about helpful ways to be there for people in extreme states. We also talked about what I called “the medical curse” that is given by psychiatrists when they label and treat people via the psychiatric disease model dogma. I also shared about the upcoming special edition of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology that I’m editing on extreme states, that has original articles from writers like Peter Breggin, John Read, Yana Jacobs, Natalie Tobert, Bob Nikkel, Michael Eigen, Will Hall, Dina Tyler, Louisa Putnam, Kermit Cole, Ron Unger, Cardum Harmon, Michael Guy Thompson, David Lukoff, Chuck Knapp, Ilya Parizhsky, and myself. The special journal edition will be available online in a couple of weeks. It will be titled, “Humanistic Perspectives on Understanding and Responding to Extreme States.”

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