Mad in America: Do Psychiatrists Harm their Patients out of Stupidity?

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Here’s my new provocative article about why I think some psychiatrists unwittingly harm their patients, based on working alongside psychiatrists every day for 28 years!

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6 thoughts on “Mad in America: Do Psychiatrists Harm their Patients out of Stupidity?

  1. I agree that pure stupidity explains the behavior of psychiatrists. I once was planning to be a psychiatrist and when they all got done ripping me apart for insisting on a humanistic natural approach to mental health care I lost my temper and began referring to the psychiatrists as imbeciles. That has all cost me dearly as I was hit with the same mental
    health care human rights abuses I have spent
    a lifetime fighting and my vital specialty interests in the entire medical profession were cruelly blacklisted. I had studied and worked hard to become a physician and work to heal people, not harm them, since I was a kid and
    so of course I never will get over the marginalized existence I have had to endure because of the diabolically insane psychiatrists. This is the kind of thing that has been very hard to explain to my own children
    because the propaganda machine of the psychiatrists is so powerful and the truth is so hard for anyone who has not been victimized by psychiatry to believe.

    • Thank you for your important comment Dr. Mandel. I’m very sorry that psychiatry harmfully has impacted your life.
      Best wishes,

  2. “Dr Michael Cornwall says psychiatrists bring harm to patients out of stupidity” There has been a growing awareness of how tragically flawed the psychiatric paradigm is for dealing with mental health care. Dr Michael Cornwall, who is a Jungian/Laingian psychotherapist, says psychiatrists are harming their patients out of stupidity.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>

    • Thank you so very much Dr. Mandel for sharing my article with EvoNews! I really appreciate you doing that.
      Best wishes,

  3. I am 72, forty eight years in the field as a psychiatric nurse and holistic health consultant. I have tremendous guilt about the years I supported the “medical model” in ignorance, but something in my core told me it was heart based approaches that made the difference more than the medication, rather than the obsession with getting the “correct diagnosis ” fine tuned. My initial experience was at Psychiatric Institute at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital (NYC), the citadel of the Psychoanalytic Institute that labored over correct naming and medicating and in torturing their residents , keeping the pecking order in tact! Then I moved to the Caribbean. I was supposed to be bringing “expertise” to a primitive system, but soon learned in this setting that there were broader ways of looking at healing. It was a mixture of Western medicine , combined with “village” love, sometimes alittle voodoo, and I learned a lot. I have spent my life exploring alternative models and not until I was blessed with a grandson who had every label in the book slapped on him by stateside psychiatrists, Asperger’s . Childhood Schiozophrenia, Bi-Polar, ADHD,Tourette’s, and a variety of personality disorders as well, did I have a chance to really create a healing environment for him WITHOUT psychiatric medication. He has blossomed into his true self, a very creative, compassionate and talented nature photographer. He can travel to “mystic”(psychotic??? ) worlds with ease at will , can close his eyes and reach pulsing levels of bliss that Zen monks take over 40 years to achieve. I call him my “guru in residence”! But I taught him that he was “special” , “gifted” and multidimensional and that he needed to learn to manage his gift and keep under the radar with appropriate social behavior in our VERY limited three dimensional world. He will probably always be a loner, a pure artist, more comfortable in Nature and with animals than with people, but that is OK!! What I have learned from him has radically opened me to have more confidence in counselling my own clients who carry some of these “labels’. I do think that at times some clients do need medication but the use of it is far from a cure and there needs to be more treating therapists who can open their eyes to alternative ways of looking at how pain and dissonance is their soul’s cry for assistance.”First DO NO Harm!”
    Thank you for your honesty in posting this!!

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