4 thoughts on “Mad in America: It’s Possible — and Beneficial — to Stop Feeling Guilt and Shame

  1. Dear Michael,

    Thank you for your compassionate & emphatic, caring articles. I can relate to each one of them. I have Bi-Polar disorder & PTSD am a 51 yr old female & have also very recently been diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome (how that happened at my age I have no idea.) Anyway, as someone who lives with quilt & shame everyday & not even knowing ‘self love’ I really enjoyed this article & will start applying it to my daily living. I do not believe in self pity or loathing (as these are defeaters in themselves.) I just wanted to take a monent to again, thank you & to voice what an incredible person & Dr you are.

    Best wishes,

    R Smith

  2. I’m not sure if it’s guilt or shame (or both) but I certainly feel a lot of grief when I remember hitting my son when he was young. He was (and still is) beautiful and I thought he was the most wonderful child in the world – but still I spanked him and it breaks my heart to think of it.

  3. Hi Cedar,
    It’s never too late to embrace healing remorse, which I hear you are feeling in your grief, then we can make amends and turn away from feeling shame and guilt inside – and feel some merciful self forgiveness and self love.
    Best wishes,

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