Madness and Renewal: Michael Cornwall | Madness Radio

Hi All,
This is a free-wheeling and in-depth interview with me done by my good friend Will Hall.
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2 thoughts on “Madness and Renewal: Michael Cornwall | Madness Radio

  1. Dr. Michael,

    Hello my name is Rebecca. Twenty four yrs ago I was diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder. Since then ‘They’ have added, PTSD & OCD. They the so called Dr’s had me so over medicated I couldn’t function so, I fired them!! Unfortunately I’m still on a couple of pyschotrophic meds which I despise. I have Never believed in mental illness & Never will. It is madness, culture, spiritual, psysical & so much more that people do not understand. Going through a living hell at the moment however, I am a woman of faith. God has always seen me through. I am very i interested to see & follow what your blogs day. KUDOS to You for standing up to ‘them’ who have No idea what they’re doing (literally) but raking in the bucks along with the pharmas!!!!

    • Thank you for your encouraging words and valuable comment Rebecca. Best of wishes on your continued journey towards happiness and further healing.

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